Richard Aldorasi

As an international jazz musician, the exposure to several folk arts directed his attention to the visual arts and
in 1989 he founded the Philadelphia Handmade Paper Company / World Art Project.

In 2009, he established “ebru richsilk designs and “Create Your Own Silk Scarf” turning his focus entirely too
silk fabric marbling.

He has since continually conducted hands-on programs and workshops in papermaking, Turkish (ebru)
and Japanese Suminagashi marbling. As a working artist for over 40 years, his talents go unsurpassed in
handmade paper and silk marbling.

Betsy Fox Lamb,
Betsy is a lifelong resident of Southeastern Pennsylvania and now lives in West Chester with her husband,
three younger boys and their Bernese Mountain dog, Reece.

A graduate of Kean University in Union, New Jersey, she has worked as an artisan and craftswoman for 20
years exploring many artistic mediums, from ceramics to stained glass to acrylic paints and has found a deep
fascination in the art of marbling. Because her ability to master and control this color-rich art form and its
applications with silk fabric, she is now considered one of the brightest emerging Ebru artists in the field of
fashion design. She loves the endless possibilities of color combination and design, and the both fluid and
static nature of the art form. She continues to research and study Ebru in order to improve her technique and
create new and exciting one of a kind wearable art.